We Design and Build
Reliable Infrastructures

Secure, high-performance networks

Scalable, reliable & scalable system clusters

Reliable elastic systems - cloud-based or private

Cost-effective colo-based physical infrastructures


  • Network Design
  • Network Expansion
  • Linux Server Configuration
  • Windows Server Configuration
  • Solaris Server Configuration
  • Colo Selection
  • Cage Design
  • Power Planning
  • Cage Move Planning
  • Vendor Selection

  • Cloud Migration
  • Network & Server Racking
  • Structured Cabling
  • Network Configuration
  • Linux Server Configuration
  • Windows & Sun Configuration
  • Capacity Expansion
  • Colo Build-out and Moves
  • Cage & Cable Clean-up
  • System Inventory

  • Internal Monitoring
  • External Monitoring
  • 724 Pager Support
  • System Administration
  • On-Going Maintenance
  • Configuration Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Reliability Metrics
  • Reliability Improvement
  • On-Site Support
Why choose Stand Sure Systems?

You should choose Stand Sure Systems to design, build, deploy or support your infrastructure not just because it will be better, cheaper, and faster that way. You should choose Standsure Engineering not because we have a team of people with decades of experience in designing and deploying infrastructures of all sizes, technologies, and complexities. You should choose 724 Support not just because we have distributed, redundant monitoring and reporting systems honed by experience with tens of thousands of faults and critical incidents in every circumstance imaginable. Nor because we have trained system administrators and engineers on-call every day and every night, armed with skill and experience in making sure problems go away as fast as humanly possible.

Even though all of that is true, the reason you should choose Stand Sure Systems is because we have been focused on exactly this area since 1997. By choosing us to focus on building and supporting YOUR infrastructure, YOU and your organization will be able to focus on product innovation, delivery, and YOUR value proposition.

Optimizing YOUR value proposition is why you should choose Stand Sure Systems to design, deploy or support your infrastructure.