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Reliability through Engineering

Stand Sure Systems designs and deploys reliable networks and infrastructure for colo, cloud, VM, or hybrid environments. Founded in 1997, we have decades of experience in secure, high-performance networks, scalable, reliable system clusters, reliable elastic systems in public or private clouds, or cost-effective physical infrastructures.

We have a team of people with decades of experience in designing and deploying infrastructures of all sizes, technologies, and complexities. We have distributed, redundant monitoring and reporting systems honed by experience with tens of thousands of faults and critical incidents in every circumstance imaginable. We have trained system administrators and engineers on-call every day and every night, armed with skill and experience in making sure problems go away as fast as humanly possible.

By choosing Standsure to focus on building and supporting your infrastructure, you and your organization will be able to focus on product innovation, delivery, and YOUR value proposition.

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Standsure has design experience in essentially every aspect of infrastructure design. Design for reliability, performance, redundancy, scalability, cost-control, or a combination of these factors – we have been there and done that many times.

We have extensive experience in design for physical networks. We were an early adopter of reliable design for virtualization of physical networks, and now are leading the way in design of reliable cloud-based and hybrid environments.

  • Network Design and Expansion
  • Public Cloud Scalability and Reliablity
  • Private Cloud Implementation
  • Server Configuration
  • HA/Failover Configuration
  • Complex Firewall Design
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Standsure can very quickly bring your site on-line with hardware and colo, in a public cloud like AWS, or even deploy a secure and reliable private cloud. We can go from initial meeting to go-live in just a few weeks, and can keep the site up and running so you can concentrate on YOUR key deliverables.

If you are ready for a public launch (or Alpha/Beta), you probably need to deploy on a low-cost infrastructure that is reliable enough to prove your service will work. And you probably have a deadline. We can help.

  • Cloud Migration
  • Network Configuration
  • Virtualization
  • Capacity Expansion
  • Colo Build-out and Moves
  • Cloud/Virtual Firewall Deployment

We monitor your service with a global monitoring system. We tune the monitoring to provide rapid notification of failures and impairments. When problems occur our US-based team of experienced system administrators and engineers rapidly deploy to validate and resolve the problem.

Our 724 Support model provides around-the-clock system support at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution. We can implement full support in a matter of days, so you can have it in place FASTER, BETTER and CHEAPER than doing it yourself.

  • Global Service Monitoring
  • US-based Pager Response
  • Pre-Defined Break-Fix Times
  • Incident Notification & Escalation
  • Standard and Custom Service Offerings
  • More at our site

On-Site Data Center Services

Since 2004 we have resolved more than 200,000 issues for dozens of clients.

Who are we? Experienced people who work for you; on-site for emergencies and routine issues. People who can take care of everything from drive replacements to full colo deployments.
People providing responsive service at a reasonable cost.
Red-Alert Emergency Work

With a Red-Alert agreement in place, we will have a trained person on-site or on-line as-needed and when-needed.

  • Colo Failure Events
  • Hardware or Equipment Failures
  • Urgent Console Recovery
  • On-Site Recovery Support
On-Demand Data Center Work

Log a request on-line, send an e-mail, or drop us a note on Slack. We'll promptly schedule the work and keep you updated.

  • Drive Replacement
  • Trouble-Shooting
  • Equipment Installation
  • Vendor escort and assistance
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Periodic and Preventative Work

Many data center tasks are best done regularly. We can arrange weekly, monthly, or quarterly visits to fit the need.

  • Visual Inspection and Issue ID
  • Inventory Audits and Correction
  • Cable Management and Clean-Up
  • Power Audits and Balancing

About Stand Sure Systems

Who We Are

Founded in 1997, we are a Silicon Valley company with deep expertise in Network Engineering, Infrastructure Management, Operations, 7x24 Support and everything else needed to design, deploy and manage colo-based and cloud-based infrastructures. We have the people, tools and experience you need to build, expand and manage your site. All services are provided by background-checked US staff.

We provide high-quality, reasonable-cost, design, build, operations and 724 support solutions custom-tailored for start-up technology companies. We do network design and implementation, Linux and Windows server engineering and support and we have a complete, cost-effective 724 Support solution for colo-based web sites and services.

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About Our Clients

Our clients range from tiny start-ups with one or two “servers” at Amazon Web Services (AWS) to giant global companies with hundreds of devices in colos plus large public or private elastic clouds. And everything in between.

We cannot publish a complete client list, but here are some we might mention:

Adobe Pandora
MyLife Shopkick
Nielson StumbleUpon
Oodle Wikia

These clients have an enormous range of technologies, scale, internal skill, and budgetary limits. And has worked together with each one to improve performance and reliability.

Results Delivered

How to measure results differs by client and by what is important to each client. For one client, swamped by a flood of impairments and critical events, we reduced the incident volume by over 75% between 2015 and 2016. For another client where surviving exponential growth was the key metric, we kept reliability constant while server count grew 100-200% each year.

Sometimes results are measured in ability to survive a sudden exponential demand flood (e.g. being “slash-dotted”). One client experienced a 10,000% throughput increase essentially overnight when a popular social platform was released in Asia/Pacific. Our team worked around the clock to keep the site up until additional hardware capacity could be added for the new users.

For most of our clients, success means that every alarm, impairment, and critical event is handled properly and professionally. We do that, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

Current Job Opportunities

Why Work with Us?

Everyone in the company up to the CEO is deeply technical and has realistic expectations about time frames and difficulty. We have very low employee turnover; most employees have been with us for somewhere between 3 and 10 years. You're not looking at new coworkers and managers every couple of months.

We have a good time working with smart people and very cool things -- but we aren't trapped in cubicles for 80 hours per week. We've been successfully living up to our tag line since 1997: 'Improving Internet Reliability One Site at a Time'. This leads to an enriching, low-stress work environment that lets you get home for dinner just about every night and then proceed to spend the rest of your night not thinking about (or doing) work. (We telecommute one day a week, but otherwise work in our Mountain View office.)

Oh, and we have good benefits, competitive salaries, internal growth opportunities, employee training, pinball, pool, and go-karts.

Of course, all of this means that in order to work here, you have to live up to these standards. We reject the vast majority of candidates. If you think you can add something to an environment like the one we're describing, then this job might be for you. You won't be able to sail through the interview process, even if you were the smartest person in the room at your last company.

Positions Available:

Sr. Linux/Network Engineer
Job #156752

check  We are looking for experienced generalists who already have a deep skill set and are able to learn new things quickly. We are not looking for interns or junior level people for this position. The ideal candidate is one who is capable of designing a fully redundant network architecture, configuring the network devices, building automated installation and configuration management systems to automatically provision servers and then implementing monitoring and performance graphing for the whole setup.

How to Apply

All applicants must be authorized to work in the United States. US citizens and veterans preferred.
A background check will be required. Principals only.

E-mail a pdf or text version of your resume to MS-Word documents or resume web sites are not accepted. Reference the listed Job Number. Ability to follow these simple instructions is definitely a test. (You might be very surprised by the number of people who don't pass.)

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